Edmond G. Brown

Retirement Solutions 

Life and Health Insurance  
CA Insurance License 0D49470 

Mobile: 510-333-8635 
Fax: 510-530-1566 
Email: edmond@aimwest.com 
Also, please visit: www.path2retire.com 

Edmond G. Brown (not the governor) has served as a trusted counselor to individuals, families and businesses for over 20 years in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.  I understand that personalized, detail oriented service is essential to helping you achieve financial security.

I am a native “Hoosier” but, I was chased out of Indiana by sub-zero winters and arrived on the West coast in 1979.  I am now a fully converted Californian however, the core Midwestern values; hard work, honesty, respect and family inform all of my client relationships.

My financial education accelerated in the year 2000 when my wife Sharon and I, out of frustration and fear, sought estate planning and financial guidance.  That exposure resulted in a process of insightful and progressively more complex financial education.

In 2006 I created AimWest Financial and Insurance Solutions.  As founder and President, our firm helps clients navigate an increasingly volatile and rapidly changing financial landscape.  I practice the TEAM concept; collaborating with Registered Investment Advisors, CPA’s, Estate Planning attorneys, and Small Business exit planning specialists to ensure that the resources are in place to address each client’s unique needs.

“I believe everyone can achieve a secure financial future.  Some of us just need a helping hand.”

My wife Sharon (a California Girl) and I enjoy cycling, hiking, skiing and gardening.  We take great pleasure in introducing visitors to the cultural diversity and world class cuisine that makes the Bay Area so attractive.